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Through Shopify integration and customisation, our Shopify developers have given eCommerce businesses more control. We offer fast-to-market, lean, robust, and scalable solutions, which is why we are called eCommerce solutions. Our UI/UX designers, brand strategists, and Shopify Plus developers work with some of the most amazing organisations in the world.

Our Hiring Models

Hire Dedicated MERN Stack Developers team at your flexibility.

Full Time Monthly Hire

9  Hours Per Day

180  Hours

Part Time Monthly Hire

4  Hours Per Day

80  Hours

Hourly Hire

50/100/200/400  Hours

Flexible Maintenance Service

Ton of benefits

Daily Reporting & Code Push

Version Control Implementation

Direct Communication

Project Management Tools

SCRUM Based Execution

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Why Do Companies Need to Use Shopify Development Service?

Conversion Magic

Transform casual browsers into loyal fans with a user-friendly store that guides them seamlessly to checkout. Say goodbye to frustrating interfaces and hello to happy customers!

Time & Money Saved (Like, Seriously Saved)

Shopify boasts a library of pre-built features and a streamlined development process. This translates to faster launch times and less strain on your budget – more resources for marketing that winning product line, perhaps?

You're the Boss (of Your Own Store, Of Course)

Shopify empowers you with an intuitive admin panel and user-friendly content management system. Editing product descriptions, uploading new arrivals, and managing promotions – it's all a breeze.

Growth Mode Activated

As your business scales to new heights, your Shopify store effortlessly adapts. Adding hundreds of products? No problem. Experiencing a surge in traffic? Shopify handles it with ease.

Sell, Sell, Sell – Everywhere!

Reach new audiences by integrating your Shopify store with popular social media platforms and marketplaces. It's omnichannel selling at its finest!

Fort Knox Security

Rest assured, your customer data and store are shielded by Shopify's robust security features. Focus on building trust and customer loyalty, not worrying about online threats.

Stuck on App Development? We Bridge the Gap Between Idea and Reality.

Tired of endless research and technical hurdles? Let us navigate the app development journey for you. We'll handle the complex, you focus on the amazing.

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Hire Dedicated Shopify Developers if You Need the Best Place for Shopify Solutions

Would you like to improve your online store? Look no further. You may hire Shopify developers from Codeintelli who are committed to realising your online store's vision, in addition to being specialists in their field. Our expertise is offering businesses of all sizes superior Shopify solutions, since we are a reputable Shopify partner firm.

To help you expand your online presence, our team of skilled and committed Shopify developers is prepared. We can help with any type of application development, theme setup, extension creation, or template design that precisely reflects your brand.

Win & Wow With
Our Expertise

Hire MERN Developers To Develop Robust Enterprise Web Platform

Custom Design for Shopify Store

3rd Party App Integrations and Design Changes

Custom Shopify App Development

Shopify Blog Development

Shopify Plus Enterprise Development

Shopify Site Maintenance and Support

Shopify Theme Design and Customization

Shopify API Integration

Shopify Consultation

Shopify Code Audit

Shopify Mobile App Development

Shopify Plus Consultation Services

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Why Choose Codeintelli Technologies for Shopify Development Service?

Agile Development Methodology
Cost-Effective Solutions
On-Time Delivery
Dedicated Project Manager
Transparent Communication
Performance Optimization
Customized Solutions
Innovative Solutions
Agile Development Methodology
Cost-Effective Solutions
On-Time Delivery
Dedicated Project Manager
Transparent Communication
Performance Optimization
Customized Solutions
Innovative Solutions

Hire a Dedicated IT Team from
India in 5 Easy Steps

What We Assure To Provide
Guaranteed 160 Working Hours
Transparent Reporting
Quality Assurance
Project Scalability
Collaborative Approach
Deadline Focus

Looking to hire a dedicated IT team from India? Codeintelli can help you find the right team of developers, designers, and testers to meet your needs. Our 5-step process makes it easy to get started, and our team of experts will be there every step of the way to ensure your project is a success.

01. Contact us

Get in touch with us and let us know what you need. We'll help you understand your requirements and match you with the right developer.

02. Explain your project

Once we understand your needs, we'll work with you to define your project scope and budget.

03. Hire a developer

We'll match you with a developer who has the skills and experience to complete your project.

04. Work with your developer

We'll provide regular updates on your project's progress, and we're always available to answer your questions.

05. Get the results you need

We're confident that you'll be happy with the work of our team.

Hire Dedicated Talent As Per
Your Evolving Project Needs

Hire Mobile Application Developer
Hire React Native Developer
Hire Flutter Developer
Hire Android Developer
Hire iOS Developers

Hire UI/UX Designer
Hire Mobile App UIUX Designer
Hire Web App UIUX Designer
Hire Custom Software Solution UI UX Designer
Hire Product UIUX Designer

Hire Software Developers

Hire Front-end Developer
Hire AngularJS Developer
Hire ReactJS Developer
Hire VueJS Developer
Hire NextJS Developer

Hire Back-end Developer
Hire NodeJS Developer
Hire PHP Developer
Hire Python Developer
Hire NestJS Developer

Hire Digital Marketing Team

Hire FullStack Developer
Hire MERN Developer
Hire MEAN Developer
Hire MEVN Developer
Hire LAMP Developer

Hire Cloud Computing Engineer

Hire Social Media Handler

Hire SAAS Developer

Frequently asked questions

Shared hosting offers a budget-friendly option but may lack the performance and security features needed for a high-traffic Shopify store. Managed hosting provides dedicated resources, increased security measures, and specialized support for optimal store performance.

Shopify boasts a highly reliable infrastructure with minimal downtime for maintenance. Codeintelli can also recommend managed hosting providers known for exceptional uptime guarantees.

Most managed hosting providers offer scalable plans that can adapt to your store's growing needs in terms of traffic and storage requirements.

Shopify integrates with various marketing tools, allowing you to run targeted advertising campaigns, leverage social media marketing, and implement SEO best practices for increased online visibility.

Yes! Shopify offers built-in subscription functionality, allowing you to manage recurring billing cycles and offer exclusive perks to your subscribers.

The cost varies depending on the complexity of your project. However, Codeintelli offers transparent pricing models with no hidden fees. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs and receive a custom quote.

The possibilities are vast! Our developers can create custom themes to match your unique brand identity, develop bespoke features to streamline your operations, and integrate with third-party applications to enhance functionality.

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Look no further! We're your one-stop shop for all things app development. Our experienced IT team will guide you through every step of the process.

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