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Find the perfect fit for your project. We offer a variety of engagement models to suit your budget and timeline.

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Your Operations: Comprehensive IT Solutions at Codeintelli

From Vision to Launch, Effortlessly: Stop struggling with complex digital innovation projects. At Codeintelli (established in 2019), we've transformed from a successful freelancer group into a full-fledged company providing global design and development services. We make the process easy with:

Fast & Reliable Service : Get things done quickly with our efficient processes.

Flexible Engagement Models : Choose the model that best fits your needs and budget.

Clear Communication : Stay informed with real-time project delivery and daily updates.

Everything You Need, At Your Fingertips: We fuel your success by providing everything you need under one roof. No more juggling multiple vendors.

Big Ideas, Practical Solutions: At Codeintelli, we don't just dream big, we make it happen. Our business models are tailored specifically for your company, ensuring growth and a powerful digital presence.

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Flexible Solutions: Find Your Ideal IT Engagement Model

Direct Approach: Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Model is a perfect blend of local project management and cost-effective offshore development, ideal for enterprise projects.

Effortless Communication : Enjoy seamless communication within your timezone with a local project manager bridging any gaps.

Cost Savings : Leverage the cost advantages of offshore development while maintaining local expertise.

Operational Efficiency : Experience greater operational benefits with a well-coordinated team.

Quality Assurance : Maintain high quality standards with increased control throughout the development process.

Scalability : Easily adjust your team size as your project demands evolve.

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Flexible Solutions: Time and Material Model

Need a flexible development approach? Our Time and Material model lets you hire skilled experts on an hourly, monthly, or long-term basis. Perfect for projects of all sizes, it offers:

Agile & Transparent : Enjoy daily communication, reporting, and SCRUM - based execution for changing requirements.

Scalability : Easily adjust your team size as your project requirements and demads evolve

Project Freedom : Handle single or multiple projects simultaneously.

Cost Control : Maintain complete control over your project budget.

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Looking for a Reliable IT Partner for Your App Development?

Look no further! We're your one-stop shop for all things app development. Our experienced IT team will guide you through every step of the process.

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Predictable Success: Fixed Cost Model

For projects with well-defined scopes, our Fixed Cost Model provides clear upfront pricing and a structured approach.

Clarity & Control : Benefit from a pre - defined project cost and clear milestones for payments.

Dedicated Team : Gain access to a dedicated team tailored to your project's size and needs.

Seamless Delivery : Experience end - to - end service delivery, ensuring a smooth project journey.

Flexibility : Implement additional features or changes with clear agreements.

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Cost-Effective Expertise: Offshore Development Model

Leverage the benefits of a skilled offshore team with our Offshore Development Model. This collaborative approach combines your team with Codeintelli's experts for optimal efficiency.

Cost Savings & ROI : Gain significant cost advantages and maximize your return on investment.

Seamless Collaboration : Experience smooth collaboration between your team and our highly - skilled professionals.

Enhanced Expertise : Benefit from robust infrastructure and stringent quality control measures.

Quality Assurance : Maintain complete transparency and prioritize data security throughout the process.

Transparency & Security : Easily adjust your team size as your project demands evolve.

Risk Management : Share responsibility to minimize project risks.

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Don't Just Dream It. Develop It.

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